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This little boys name is Johnathon ,This is his story: A Day after mothers day we found something not right , there was a bulging lump on his stomach. After being in the hospital for nearly a week we found out the happy little boy we knew had Liver Cancer. He had a type of cancer called Hepatoblastoma , a disease affecting only 1 in 1.5 million children. It was shortly after that were we found out the cancer tumor was covering 6/8th of his liver. We then told Johnathon was a Stage 4 cancer patient since their was 2 tiny cancer tumor on his lung. Doctor's resected Johnathon's liver as of August. Johnathon will have daily chemotherapy , shots and medications to defeat CANCER. Johnathon fights for his life everyday he needs YOUR prayers and support to help him fight through this terrible disease.

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Johnathon’s story

Johnathon is a two year old boy fighting Hepotablastoma. Johnathon love's making people smile , laugh and enjoy his company. Johnathon loves being the center of attention by everyone and anyone . Johnathon loves dancing , playing with cars and animals . Unlike most two year old boys he likes to stay clean . Mommy says thumbs up to that one! Johnathon has a strong personality that shines right through and catches many peoples eyes. Johnathon is a strong little boy who was born a fighter.

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