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Bree’s story

Bree started to have trouble sleeping a few months before her diagnosis. Then came the irritability and shakiness. After a few trips to the dr he said she was a healthy baby and may be having bad dreams and irritable from not sleeping well. Blood work came back good. Weeks went by and Bree started to regress by not crawling as fast and finally led up to not being able to stand up. We knew something was wrong because Bree started crawling at 6 mths and was almost walking before her symptoms started. We were told she had viral infections and maybe even scarlett fever. Finally after several dr visits a CT scan was scheduled for July 15th. (The day after Bree turned 1 year old). While waiting for the CT the week before, Bree began to have vomiting at night. Bree was still in recovery after the CT scan when we were told that Bree had a large brain tumor and that's where Bree's journey began. They told us to go home, pack what we could, and go straight to MUSC in Charleston where they would be waiting on us. Bree's tumor was removed on July 17th and they believe to have removed all of it. She spent a few weeks in PICU from complications of surgery and hydrocephalus. After waiting on pathology, we were told Bree has a malignant brain tumor (Stage 4) which is very aggressive cancer called Medulloblastoma. She has had an additional 2 brain surgeries including EVD drain, and 3rd Ventricullostomy. Bree also suffers from Post-Terrior Fossa Syndrome and has left-sided weakness. She was discharged from MUSC and sent to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN and arrived there August 8th, 2010. She is currently on the SJYC07 protocol. Bree was given a poor prognosis at MUSC so we are hoping and praying for a miracle! ~Kristin (Bree's mommy)

February 17, 2012 Bree RELAPSED ! the tumor doubled in size in 4 weeks WE ARE HEARTBROKEN!!!!!!!

February 20th 2012 Bree will undergo an LP and we will wait for the results. Depending on those , we will move forward to meet with the radiation oncologist on Tuesday regarding any possible options for treatment!

*UPDATE* NO cancer cells were found in Bree's spinal fluid!

*UPDATE* February 27th 2012 Bree had surgery to remove her brain tumor

*UPDATE* March 3rd 2012 Bree was released from the hospital

March 15th 2012 We were told Bree's cancer was still there and we were sent home on hospice and told we had 2-10 months left with her but praying for miracle!! Arrived home from Memphis on March 17th 2012

April 1st 2012

 My beautiful amazing loving baby girl went to heaven:( She will always be my hero and forever loved and missed by mommy, sissy and Gramma The Girls Club won't be complete until we are all together again. until then we will fight for CURES!!!

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