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Brennan was diagnosed with Clear-Cell Sarcoma of the Kidney(CCSK) on June 5th 2012.

Brennan is on a regimen of 28 weeks of chemotherapy and 6 days of radiation(which is complete). All of this begin back in May 2012 when I noticed a knot on his side while changing him. I waited a week or so to see if it went away, when it didn't and grew instead I was worried. I was thinking that he may have a hernia. The day after memorial day I called his pediatrician and went in to see her that same day. When she felt his tummy she was very worried which really scared me to death. She immediately sent us over to Children's South to have a ultrasound of his abdomen. After the scan we waited for quite awhile in the room, when the tech can back in she said that his pediatrician Dr. Sester would be calling us soon. When I heard the phone ring my heart skipped a beat, she transferred the phone to me. Dr. Sester was direct she said Brennan has a tumor the size of a tangerine on his kidney and that is was most likely a Wilm's Tumor. She said i needed to go directly to Children's in Birmingham to be admitted. He would need a CT scan as soon as possible. He was admitted that night but did not have a CT scan until the next day. A few hours later Dr. Gleason came into our room(with tears in his eyes) and asked us to come with him, he wanted to show us the scan. When we saw the tumor I was scared out of my mind, I could not even see his kidney the tumor had taken it over and was intertwined in the kidney. He showed us how it was much larger than they had thought. Surgery was scheduled the next morning to remove his kidney and the tumor. The surgery when very well and they were able to removed the entire tumor without rupture!!The tumor and other tissue was sent of for biopsy. After a few days of recovery Brennan was able to go home. The next day we got a call for Dr. Berkow his oncologist, Brennan did not have Wilms Tumor as they had hoped for He had a rare and aggressive kidney cancer. He then told me he would need 28 weeks of Chemo and 6 days of radiation. That day I realized just how this was going to effect our lives from here on out. This is a hard journey to go on but I know we are not traveling it alone. That’s right  your not traveling alone! There are many people and families standing with you and Brennan.

When Cindy and Brennan’s Buddies were first introduced to Brennan we instantly fell in love. I’m sure you can see why, those pretty blue eyes, great smile, bald head and fighting sprit.

Go check his Facebook and Caringbridge site. Show him and his family some love and support.

01/11/13 scan results

Some GREAT news!