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Emily’s story

If you would like to mail cards, gifts, donations, you may send them to:

PO Box 5383

Midlothian, VA 23112


Email: Shannon hubbel

Facebook: EMILY

Caringbridges: EMILY

Website: EMILY

 Emily's Journey through Neuroblastoma. “This all started on the eve of 12/19/2010. Our lives will forever be changed and it will never be the same, but we are strong and know we will get through this.”

I’ve never met Emily, but if I ever get the chance I would give her a BIG hug. Such a pretty little girl. No child should go through this. Everyone can make a difference. Read her story and talk about her, spread the word about evil childhood cancer.

Emily still has had a long fight with neuroblastoma. And she is still fighting. There is a current fundraiser please help her and her family if you can Emily’s Journey

Emily was diagnosed with neuroblastoma on 12/23/2010.

Emily is a very special girl, she loves pink and purple, princesses, princessy things, Justin Bieber and she loves her family. Emily loves to go camping and she would rather camp over anything else.

There is so much new info on Emily, please check her caringbridge and Facebook site and spread her story and the stories of all the children with cancer.